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PLEASE NOTE: We will meet in April at the Arboretum for our May 11th meeting. 


MAY - Donor Retention Matters

I've always wanted to build a boat. 

I grew up playing in the Northeast Cape Fear river helping my Granddaddy keep his old wooden creek boat afloat. 

By the time I was in high school, it was pretty much all fiberglass, from being patched up so much. It take a lot of time and dedication to build a boat that's going to keep you above water. You've got to use the right tools, and materials, get the angles right, make sure the joints are tight, sand it, seal it, make sure there are no leaks. Now you've made something that will endure and will help you get up the river. After all that hard work, would you leave the boat in dry dock or let it flat away unmanned?

We tend to do that with our donors from time to time. We work hard to get them, but occasionally leave them tied up to the dock until the next event or (gasp!) until the tide has pulled them away. 

It's takes more work to build new relationships and secure new donors. It's a lot of research, cultivation lunches, dinners, receptions, and phone calls focused on just getting someone to know you and your cause. Your current donors know you and they already like what you do enough to make a gift. So  its our job to make them love us and hopefully grab an oar and help row merrily down the stream. 

Join us at the May chapter meeting when we dive into Donor Cultivation & Retention with a great panel who will help you navigate your way to higher renewal rates and happy donors. 


Anchors away!


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 Vann Pearsall

President, Cape Fear Region Chapter AFP


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