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2017-2020 Strategic Plan AFP Cape Fear Region Chapter


The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) represents more than 30,000 members in 239 chapters across the globe and works to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs. Originally named the National Society of Fund-Raising Professionals (NSFRE) the association officially changed its name in 2001 as did the chapter to better reflect the region in which it serves.

NC Cape Fear Region Chapter

On February 18, 2008 the NC Cape Fear Region Chapter was formed to serve the diverse non-profit community throughout southeastern North Carolina.  The chapter has enjoyed great success in its first stages of growth, but it is now deemed the appropriate time to grow again by further striving for excellence in the services and professional development opportunities provided by the Chapter.  There are many more fundraising professionals in our community who are not yet members of our association and many more opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to maximize resources and to promote the profession statewide.

Through education, training and advocacy AFP will continue to advance philanthropy to support the many important needs of the community. The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan provides an important roadmap that will serve as a guide for this organization through the next exciting years.  This Strategic Plan will help the chapter's leadership stay the course and achieve the important goals that will benefit the entire membership.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and strengthen the nonprofit community by providing professional development opportunities for effective and ethical fundraising practices.                            Approved March 15, 2017

Goals and Objectives

  1. The Cape Fear Region Chapter will continue to provide excellent and relevant programs, education, training and networking opportunities
    1. Utilize the Program Team to plan programs of interest to our members and research trends and topics that impact the professio
      1. Annual member survey
    2. Increase networking opportunities with more social "Pop-up" meetings for continued conversation of monthly programs or for specific member groups (new members, veterans, young members)
    3. Continue to host, at a minimum, one special workshop per year
    4. Promote and encourage attendance at AFP state and International conferences
      1. Continue offering travel allowance for Chamberlain Scholar
      2. Scholarships for the AFP State Conferences
    5. Encourage and support members to become and maintain Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFRE).
  2. Grow our membership and increase engagement and diversity by implementing a Chapter Recruitment and Retention Plan
    1. Develop marketing materials that convey the value of membership in the local chapter
      1. Survey of current members to determine real value to real members
      2. Testimonials
    2. Establish a Membership Committee tasked with:
      1. Creating processes for engaging new members, retaining current members, and renewing lapsed members
      2. Assisting in the identification and recruitment of new members
      3. Monitor and contact members prior to renewals
      4. Effectively communicate with our members and promote benefits of membership on an on-going basis
      5. Engaging diverse individuals, groups, and organizations to promote chapter membership
  3. The Chapter will increase our visibility as key players in the advocacy and promotion of  philanthropy and as the recognized source for the development of the fundraising profession
    1. Establish a Communications Team tasked with:
      1. Increasing our ability to promote our events, monthly programs, and mission across the region through our website and social media
      2. Showcasing member accomplishments and awards as a means to promote larger association
      3. Strengthen relationships with local media
      4. Encouraging placement of monthly philanthropy article/column in various media outlets
    2. Create partnerships and offer our services to other organizations focused on nonprofit training and development
      1. QENO
      2. Community Foundations and Grantmaker associations
      3. Community Colleges
      4. MPA Programs
      5. Star News Conscience Fair
    3. Establish a National Philanthropy Day Team to:
      1. Capitalize on the visibility and audience afforded by NPD
      2. Increase participation and attendance
      3. Research and develop complementary programing as added value for both philanthropists and fundraisers
  4. Strive to be an effective chapter continuing to strengthen the foundation of the association.
    1. Identify and nurture future leadership to ensure the success and continuity of the Chapter
    2. Encourage members to invest in the national organization each year
      1. Goal of 100% Board participation
    3. Meet the mandates of the parent organization to ensure compliance as a chapter each year